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It's never too early to make a difference

When you want to design a stroller, there is no better inspiration than the future generations. They are the hope that we can make a difference if we change the way we act, work, think and create.

So we worked hard to develop a stroller that will make our babies proud. Listening to the next generations even those who do not speak yet. Making sure that their concerns about the future are our concerns of today.

That's how we crafted our stroller; a stroller that takes care of our babies as much as our mother earth. A stroller that's made of sustainable materials so we can walk the talk. Literally.

Here comes a time to carry and inspire a new generation of changemakers. Together, we will walk and roll for the planet. To make a big change, you just need a little push.

Make your
baby proud

We respect our mother. Every single one of our individual choices has an impact on our common mother earth. By using only sustainable materials we've crafted a stroller that respects her nature. What started as an idea is now a growing movement of parents wanting better support for their children.

Not only are we crafting a responsible stroller, we are also aiming to inspire every other stroller brand to act like wise so we can all make a difference.

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Walk the talk.

Our stroller is made out of FSC certified wood from Romania. The wood is handled with care and further produced in Belgium. The beautiful design of our stroller is not only made of wood but also from recycled plastic, recycled aluminum and organic cotton. Materials that are used and can be reused. We make sure that every material is used to its full potential and nothing is wasted in the process.

In this way we are able to create an ecological footprint and it can be approved by next generations.

Organic Cotton

FSC Certified Wood

Recycled Aluminum

Recycled Plastic

Assembled locally in our socially responsible factory

Our stroller is assembled with heart. In association with a local social workplace in the Netherlands Whooler provides jobs for a group of people that have a distance to the job-market. These beautiful people have some limits compared to others but at the same time they have other strengths that no-one has. We believe that they are just like our stroller, an example for the next generations. Every single stroller goes through their hands, making sure that our babies are safe to roll and walk with.

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